Big Dog Entertainment DJ's For Every Occassion
    Big Dog EntertainmentDJ's For Every Occassion


Your Party is Sure to Be a Hit!

So you're planning the event of a lifetime and theres no room for second rate entertainment.... Don't worry, Big Dog Entertainment has you covered!!!


When we were puppies: 

     Big Dog Entertainment came into existence 15 years ago when two friends decided to take their DJ and Lighting hobby to the next level for a friends wedding.  Enough people had said, "you guy's should do this professionally" that the boys decided to try it.  And so Big Dog Entertainment was born!  From early on the team decided they would set themselves apart from the endless sea of Mobile DJ's by offering a sound and light experience no one else could.  And so from the very start, BDE has been well known for bringing a big club experience to every mobile event they do. 

     In those first few years the reputation of the company and the DJ's grew rapidly.  The boys became well known for their professional courtesy, their lively personalities, the expertise with their equipment, and their commitment to making every customer happy, every show.  Oh, and a MONSTER sound and light show didn't hurt either...

     It didn't take long for people in Northeast Pennsylvania to realize this was THE must have DJ company for their events.  Bookings came quickly, and for several years the boys enjoyed tremendous success.  After years of 70+ events annually though, the boys needed a break. 

     The team decided to take a few years off to enjoy new experiences in their lives.  One was enjoying being a newlywed while the other pursued career options in Baltimore.  But the break was short lived and after a few years the boys reunited and have now pushed the envelope of what a Mobile DJ company is capable of with a completely new sight and sound experience for the people of Northeast Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. 


If you want your event to be one people talk about for years, congratulations, you're just one phone call away from booking the team who can make that happen!

-Call Big Dog Entertainment today and find out what it's like to party with the BIG DOGS!






Big Dog Entertainment has one of the most impressive Mobile Lighting Setups in Northeast PA.  This unique feature of our company is one we truly pride ourselves on.  We've invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into finding the perfect mix of tasteful yet exciting lighting designs for you the customer.  We specialize in modern "Intelligent Lights" and we feature lighting fixtures almost always found only in dance clubs.  Lasers, Fog Machines, Full Motion Programmable Lights, High Wattage Strobes, Sound Active Motion Effects and the latest in LED Panel Technology.  Yeah we've got a few tricks up our sleeves with this gear!  We offer a lighting experience that will leave you and your guests breathless!  We use high quality, well built, stage trussing to ensure the safety of your guests and our equipment!  Additionally, all our lighting gear is manned exclusively by a highly trained Lighting Specialist.  Yes we have a guy just for lights!!! Not many Mobile DJ's can say that!  Go to the photos and videos page to see some examples of our expansive light show getting a workout.  I think you'll agree this is a must have addition to your event!


Let's Talk About Music...

Our music database features over 40,000 songs from all decades and genres!


Because it is constantly being updated and grown we do not have a comprehensive list of the songs we have on hand.

But if we don't currently have a song you MUST hear we will be happy to get it in time for your event.


While we appreciate the fanatastic input most hosts and guests offer by way of song requests we appreciate keeping these to a reasonable number.  As veteran DJ's who have entertained literally thousands of people over the years we have found that it is usually best to leave the playlist up to the DJ on site so he can taylor it to the rythm of your specific crowd. 


We DO however encourage event hosts to download our music request form from the site and make a list of your favorite must have party tunes!  Your input is priceless for us! 


*NOTE* - We pride ourselves on providing a family friendly show that will entertain people of all ages.  We endeavour to use properly edited songs so as not to offend anyone with foul language or content.